REMOTE CONTROLLED (The Definitive Edition)

This story is primarily about control between adult men with punishment plus sneaker and clothes play and destruction. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. Any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental.

"I couldn't stop reading it!"

"I often read the first couple of chapters of this kind of story and give up as they get too repetitive or far-fetched but l have been hooked on each chapter."

"I love love love your story... I so wish I could be that person!"

"I was scared of what it would mean to give everything up. But then I read your story. And I wasn't scared anymore."

Remote Controlled cover

Remote Controlled was written by sneaked666

Additional material from ssb1978 and sz1415sneakers

Editor - sz1415sneakers

Cover art - sneaked666

Author's introduction.

Remote Controlled was written 'on the fly' with a new part every one or two weeks from the end of December 2018 to April 2019. It was frankly madness! However, if I had not published that first part, I would not have received such positive messages, and probably would not have finished it, so thank you for all the support.

Writing so quickly and proofreading myself meant there were errors and things that were left out. I felt the story deserved to be looked at properly and thanks to brilliant work by my editor, we have been able to present this definitive version which hopefully will appeal to new readers and old alike.

The story is largely autobiographical; some of it happened, some of it happened but has been dramatised, and some of it is complete fiction. I always tried to keep it 'real', but boundaries are pushed! It is a story filled with laughter, love, fun, racy moments and sad times too. After all, that's just life, isn't it?

This is, above all things I have done in my life, the one I am most proud of. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I hope you enjoy the rollercoaster!

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