Ginnasio's 7 Big Bangs!

Over the years ginnasio has provided us with many fine examples of sneakers being exploded into many pieces. So we thought it was a good time to ask the man himself which of the disasemblages he enjoyed the most, and while there are definitely some big explosions, it provides extra background to some other ones as well. Oh, and we have taken the oppertunity to remaster the videos below as well. So let's light the taper (at arm's length) and retire to a safe distance as we count down ginnasio's 7 biggest bangs!

7. Nike Air Max 97 explosion

We start at the beginning, quite literally! Back in 2007 this was ginnasio's first ever video for everythingmustdie - or messysneakers as it was then called. Air Max 97's might have stood the test of time, but these didn't stand the test of the explosion!

Watch Nike Air Max 97 explosion

6. Adidas Galaxy fire bomb

A year later ginnasio started experimenting with some self creations. Here it was a 'sparkler bomb' and while the explosion wasn't the best, the resulting fire storm certainly hit the mark!

Watch Adidas Galaxy fire bomb

5. Nike ACG explosion

This introduced a very special 'friend' - ginnasio explains... "This is one of my first tests with Cobra33 firecrackers. These turned out to be a lot more powerful than I first thought - it also damaged the wood bar!" You know what, I have this funny feeling we will be seeing the almightly Cobra33 again before we're finfished here...

Watch Nike ACG explosion

4. Trivial sneakers part 2

Sometimes us killers need the choice of what gets damaged taken out of our hands. In someways this is the most exciting time - you have no control over which of your sneakers is about to become unwearable! Here, a Trivial Pursuit question decides sneakers fate...

Q: Which prize did Laura Pausini receive from Italian President?

A: Knight for merit?

Q: Wrong! Commander of the Republic. You lose and your Air Max 90 get blown up!

Watch Trivial sneakers part 2

3. Crosshatch Attack

Well, this is a hard video for me... ginnasio said he would really like to wear some of my clothes so I sent him my favourite Crosshatch jeans and polo together with some boxers and my K-swiss hightops - it was an entire outfit. A few weeks later he sends me a video of *my* clothes wearing a Cobra33... You will not believe how high my jeans went. Not quite into orbit, but close!

Watch Crosshatch Attack

2. Double explosions

While seeing a really rare and expensive pair of Nike Presto get blown apart is nice, the realy star here is the nice, if unasuming pair of Adidas that get blown up second. You can see them first about 33 seconds in. Yes, that's right, the pair on ginnasio's feet. His mates convinced him that the sneakers he was wearing have to be punished. That must have been an interesting walk home!

Watch Double explosions

1. Cobra33 explosion

What else? The master of sending things into orbit heads straight to number one. However, ginnasio really put it to the test - it couldn't do that much damage with four pairs of sneakers stacked on top of it. It just couldn't, could it...?

Watch Cobra33 explosion

That rounds out ginnasio's 7 biggest bangs! I hope you enjoyed this explosive trip down memory lane. If you're going out, you may as well go out with a bang! And remember kids - fireworks are really dangerous! Especially in the hands of complete idiots ;-)

(c) 2018 & ginnasio